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117 Days Of My Personal Tinder Profile In Facts

117 Days Of My Personal Tinder Profile In Facts

Nearly 4 months ago after my personal relationship of three years finished I decided generate a Tinder visibility. The following may be the facts of these visibility (in facts). If youre lazy and dont care about the information, skip with the bottom as there are a Sankey drawing that sums right up much.

Lets bring some of the essentials straightened out initially, since these topics will certainly appear.

Male, 22. Straight.

Where Manage We Live?

A Canadian urban area with a metropolitan inhabitants of around one million.

Was We Attractive?

I m most likely an extremely regular searching individual, perhaps a little above average but certainly no model. The pictures presently on my Tinder visibility posses Photofeeler attractive scores which range from 7.7 to 9.3. However, keep in mind that i did so set some perform into getting great pictures for my visibility.

Exactly What Are My Preferences Set To?

My choices are at first set really wider, but have narrowed as time passes. Presently, it’s set-to female aged 1825 within 100 kilometer.

Now let’s talk about the fun things.


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My Tinder activity (assessed in application starts daily) varied from 0 to 153 with an average of 29 and an average of 20.

My personal very first day on Tinder was my personal most active. Besides that however, my personal task reveals no obvious trends, but high-activity durations perform appear to appear in bursts with lulls between.

Throughout almost 4 months, I registered 16,561 swipes . This averages off to about 141.5 swipes per day as well as a median of 96.

Out-of 16,561 swipes, 7,886 happened to be loves and 8,675 were passes for an overall like ratio of 47.3%.

The info in addition shows my personal swiping becoming rather much more discerning eventually although this might be considering my personal changing preferences or Tinders formula revealing myself much better profiles. Anecdotally, I do think You will find be much more discerning over time.


I was given all in all, 290 matches about 2.5 suits every day. Which means that around 1.75percent of my personal swipes will result in fits, and approximately 3.7% of my wants.

On a day, I obtained between 0 and 10 suits. The circulation of matches every day skews seriously to the right with a mode of 2.

You will find exchanged a total of 504 messages on Tinder constituting 274 delivered and 230 received. This quantity is relatively low, when I typically make an effort to get a phone number within various emails.

This is how my emails posses accumulated after a while:

Away from my 290 fits, one or more information got exchanged with 99 of them (34percent). From those 99, 12 messaged myself but I did not response definition I messaged 30percent of my suits.

Outside of the 87 matches we messaged, 56 replied at least one time, for a replying triumph proportion of about 64%. This proportion is probably less than it may be, since I have typically waited period or days to content suits I found myself less worked up about. Personal tracking of matches messaged within three days demonstrates a reply rates of 78percent, and 84per cent using my better opener.

I also started tracking my personal Superliking triumph proportion. Of 183 Superlikes, 14 fits lead and that’s successful proportion of 8percent. Here is the triumph by years:

In addition to rate of success by age:

I experienced an individual principle that my personal success rate might be higher with younger women but yet, no obvious fashions have shown upwards.

The final results of my Tindering is summed up in this diagram:

As a whole, I continued schedules in just over 1% of my matches. We consider this figure become relatively conventional; i’m extremely positive I could have got much more times easily had wanted.

What amount of suits I thought we would message depended mostly on what active I happened to be that week, if I got any other schedules in the offing (from Bumble or ladies we see in true to life) or just how severely i truly planned to go on a night out together at that time.

All of the information listed here is from my Tinder profile. Most they originated a data consult to Tinder, and a few of it was self-tracked as well.

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